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CaSES Annual Clinical Conference – Day 2

Registration Cost / Day:
Specialist Surgeons – $200 USD/$1500 TTD
DM Residents/medical students/nurses – $100USD/$750TTD
REGISTRATION (includes AACME certificate)
AACME accredited for Category 1 credits
Or call T&TMA at 1-868-671-7378
We have arranged a package rate under the group name T&TMA. Please email Tonya Laing: tonya@tradewindshotel.com directly to avail yourselves of this package rate which includes breakfast and WiFi for up to 2 persons per Executive room. www.tradewindshotel.com

AGENDA: Saturday 15th September 2018

7:30 am

8:00 am
Welcome – Prof. Dilip Dan (Trinidad and Tobago)

Session I
Moderator: Dr. Linberg Simpson (Jamaica)/Dr. Yardesh Singh (Trinidad and Tobago)

8:10 am
Endoscopic Management of Neurosurgical Diseases
Dr. Robert Ramcharan (Trinidad and Tobago)

8:25 am
Endoscopic Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy
Dr. Adesh Mahabir (Trinidad and Tobago)

8:40 am
Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery: Pearls and Pitfalls
Prof. David Terris (USA)

9:00 am
Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy
Dr. Omar Rashid (USA)

9:15 am
Mediastinoscopy and Bronchoscopy – Indications and technique
Dr. Alan Smith (Barbados)

9:30 am
Interventional Management of GI bleeds.
Dr. Tairouz Yourki (Venezuela)

9:45 am
Questions and Answers

10:00 am
Coffee Break

Session II
Moderator: Dr. Sahle Griffith (Barbados)/Dr. Nigel Bascombe (Trinidad and Tobago)

10:45 am
Minimally Invasive Pancreatic Resections – Is this the future?
Dr. Michael Kluger (USA)

11:05 am
Endoscopic Resections for Colonic Tumors
Dr. Parul Shukla (USA)

11:25 am
The Basics of TATME – How does one get started?
Prof. John Marks (USA)

11:45 am
ERCP made simple
Dr. Rakesh Rambally (Trinidad and Tobago)

12:05 pm
Questions and Answers

12:20 pm
Lunch Break

Session III
Moderator: Dr. Charlie Greenidge (St. Lucia)/Dr. Carlos Wilson (Jamaica)

1:30 pm
Endovascular management of Carotid Artery Disease
Dr. Carlos Caldera (Venezuela)

1:45 pm
Endovascular Management of Thoracic and Abdominal Aorta Disease
Dr. Kishore Sieunarine (Australia)

2:00 pm
Endovascular Management of Aorto-Iliac Occlusive Disease
Dr. Carlos Caldera (Venezuela)

2:15 pm
EVAR; Is the cost justified?
Dr. Kishore Sieunarine (Australia)

2:30 pm
Endovascular management of Peripheral Artery Disease – role in the Caribbean
Dr. Dave Harnanan (Trinidad and Tobago)

2:45 pm
Questions and Answers

3:00 pm
Coffee Break

Session IV
Moderator: Dr. Alex Ponson (Aruba)/Prof. Shamir Cawich (Trinidad and Tobago)

3:30 pm
Knee Arthroscopy – Indications and Technique
Mr. Trevor Seepaul (Trinidad and Tobago)

3:45 pm
Management of Recurrent Shoulder Instability With Glenoid Bone Loss With The Arthroscopic Latarjet Procedure
Dr. Alwin S A Almeida (Cayman Islands)

4:00 pm
Hysteroscopy – Indications, Tips, and Tricks
Dr. Laura Bennett (Barbados)

4:15 pm
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in T&T – Where are we?
Mr. Solaiman Juman (Trinidad and Tobago)

4:30 pm
The importance of Surgical Quality Data no matter the Resource Environment
Dr. Michael Kluger (USA)

4:45 pm
Questions and Answers

5:00 pm
The vote of Thanks – Mr. Ravi Maharaj

Day 1 Agenda

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