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Minister of Health Meets with Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association

Port-of-Spain, May 1st, 2015: In an effort to ensure that all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are able to experience a high standard of care in the public health system, the Ministry of Health recently outlined several measures to be implemented across all Regional Health Authorities.

 In recognizing that its greatest tool is its human resource capacity, the Ministry of Health has paid close attention to feedback on these matters. On Friday, May 1st, 2015 the Minister of Health met with representatives of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association to discuss the means by which a balance between high quality patient care and a satisfied cadre of healthcare professionals can be met.

Therefore, the following amendments to the previously announced measures have been made:

1.    The Head of the Medical Team will determine a time each day where relatives will be allowed to meet with doctors responsible for the management of the patient.

2.    Paediatric patients (aged 12 and under) and special cases will be allowed a relative to be present for times determined by the Nurse in Charge or Head of the Medical Team.

3.    In hospitals where privacy on the obstetrics/delivery ward is in place, a female relative will be allowed to be present during the delivery. Fathers who have taken seven (7) Lamaze classes will be allowed at the discretion of the senior medical professional.

In order to protect patient privacy, recording devices are not allowed in the delivery room.

The Ministry of Health will approach Cabinet for the establishment of the Office of the Health Ombudsman and a hospital complaints authority to treat with cases of patient victimization.

Other measures that still stand are: CCTV’s, panic buttons and police patrols for hospital staff. There already exists a security escort in the NWRHA and SWRHA and the service will be expanded to include the NCRHA and ERHA soon.

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