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T&TMA Branches & Executives 2024

Executives / Branches 2024

President – Dr Simone Mc Fee
Secretary – Dr Martina Rodriguez
Treasurer – Dr Maryam Mohammed
PRO – Dr Sandi Arthur

East Branch 2024

Chairperson: Dr. Andrew Lakhan
Vice Chairperson: Dr. Ricaldo Emmanuel
Secretary: Dr. Andre Francis
Treasurer: Dr. Thalia Thomas
Immediate Past Chairperson: Dr. Monifa Armstrong
Third Vice-President: Dr. Sunita Sudama

Council Members:
Dr. Penelope Paltoo
Dr. Candace Ash
Dr. Laeshelle Basanoo
Dr. Amanda Seepersad

North Branch 2024

Chairperson: Dr Shiney Isaac
Vice-person: Dr Hassina Mohammed
Secretary : Dr Isha Serrette
Treasurer: Dr. Kevin Khan-Kernahan

Council Members:
Dr Dev Ramoutar
Dr Anthony Changkit
Dr Martina Rodriguez
Dr Danielle Timothy
Dr Alicia Beharry
Dr Kavita LaCaille
Dr Isi Imasekha
Dr Kwame Oliver
Dr Olivia Matthews
Dr Marisa Nimrod

Tobago Branch 2024

Chairman – Dr Rachel Spann
Vicechairperson – Dr Nikolai Nunes
Secretary – Dr Jaran James
Treasurer – Dr Phia Rochford
CME Coordinator 2024 – Dr Klyle Ramdath

South Branch 2024

Chair 2024 – Dr Patrick Chin Kong.
Vicechair 2024- Dr Maryam Mohammed.
Secretary 2024-Dr Naydene Mohamed
Treasurer 2024- Dr Stacey Chamley

Council Members:
Dr Sandi Arthur
Dr Liane Conyette
Dr Sitara Bachan
Dr Tiffany Gadjadhar
Dr Romona Sankar
Dr Kesley Rampersad
Dr D’Andra Ramsaran
Dr Kristal Sooknanan

Central Branch 2024

Dr Devika Poonwassie (Chairperson)
Dr Ravindra Mahabir (Vice- Chairperson)
Dr Vishi Beharry (Treasurer)
Dr Shashi Gobin (Secretary)

Council Members:
Dr Meagan Mohammed (Past Chairperson)
Dr Raakesh Goalan
Dr Sarah Sampath
Dr Rabia Hydal-Mohammed
Dr Shivon Hosein
Dr Nicole Khan
Dr Nadia Rampersad

Committee Chairpersons
Maia Blackman and Dr. Phillip St. Lois
House Chair: Dr. Dev Ramoutar
Secretariat: Dr. Víctor Wheeler
Outreach: Candace Ash Sobers and Olivia Matthews (co chairs).
Youth and Membership: Patrick Chin Kong
Leadership and Mentorship: Dr. Maria Dillon Remy
Branding: Marissa Nimrod
Health Advocacy: Hassina Mohammed