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Position Statement by TTRNA, T&TMA, & NWDA


The Stakeholder Associations takes note of the Ministry of Health’s press release, following our joint clarification meeting held at the Ministry of Health Head Office on Wednesday 29th September 2018. We commend the Minister for the inclusion of our professional associations for discussion on this critical matter that concerns the welfare of both staff and patients as he seeks to find solutions that would have a far-reaching impact on our health care delivery.

The Stakeholder Associations take this opportunity to provide additional information to our members, with respect to the remainder of commitments given to us, by the Minister of Health and his delegation. They include:

1. The buildings being proposed for an interim function of the POSGH be adequately sound in terms of infrastructure, health, and safety, and retrofitted to meet industry and international standards.

2. TTRNA structural engineers to be provided the opportunity to assess all retrofitted buildings with UDECOTT.

3. Risk insurance coverage to be purchased by the NWRHA, to cover the staff during the expected increase in interfacility transfer and beyond.

4. Enforcement by the Ministry of Health, and the adherence of the RHAs to the Admission & Discharge Policy, Referral & Transfer Policy, and the Patient Care Risk Reduction Protocol

5. Ensure the RHAs fulfil the mandate set out in the Emergency Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Personnel Act in interfacility transfers.

Following the earthquake of Tuesday 21st August 2018, the three (3) stakeholder Associations continue to acknowledge the efforts of our members during these difficult times as they work faithfully in less than desirable conditions. However, it cannot be expected that our members will be left indefinitely in these cramped conditions. As such, we expect the 1st phase as announced by the Honourable Minister of Health, to be completed shortly, and the timely start of the 2nd phase (the construction of the new five (5) story Central Block) to begin before 2020.

The Stakeholder Associations will continue working with the Ministry of Health, as we maintain the best interest of all our patients. Therefore, we jointly look forward to continued involvement as discussions continue on the plans for the new building before the commencement of its construction.

Executives of TTRNA, T&TMA, NWDA