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The Pulse 2015-2016

The 2015-2016 edition is out! To read it online, click here.

Let me begin by commending the editor and his staff for putting together an exciting and enlightening collection of articles that range over 150 years in time and several thousand miles in space. 

The editorial team interviewed one of our new members of staff but also had a visit with an old physician who would have been about 160 years old today. William Osler is one of my heroes and I am so pleased to be able to share a brief moment with him! Osler is credited with advancing the modern system of teaching through service for the clinicians that set the basis of the residency system in the USA.

This issue of The Pulse also has wide geographical limits as it includes visits of countries as far apart as Canada and Australia. Medical school learning really encompasses a wide array of information and this issue reflects this.

I recall learning some salient facts about African History while I was at the Mona Campus on a day when our laboratory session was cancelled and thus I am pleased to see articles that encompass the humanities as well as ‘tastefully’ related personal experiences of students. The epitome of it all comes at the end when the valedictorian, Dr. Erron Ramdass, encompassed it all with his delivery of a message using a unique combination of formal speech, music and dance.

I wish the editorial board every success for the future of this journal.” Prof Terence Seemungal (Dean)